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Business Process Improvement 

The purpose of the "Business Process Improvement" (otherwise known as BPI) website is to turn complex business theory in to understandable transferable knowledge, where an individual or organisation can implement changes to  to drive continuous improvement and consequently increased commercial success.  

I have been fortunate in my career to have worked at senior management levels within sales, operations and supply chain, therefore my knowledge is pretty extensive and is something I would like to share. Sometimes theories and practices can be detailed in a very complex and academic way. This website deciphers some of that complexity. 


The key to any business success relies on the ability of the organisation to remain ahead of its competitors. Whether you are a large or small organisation the content that is found here can be applied to your business in some form. If you are in sales, customer services, demand or supply planning, business analytics, commercial administration, HR, project management, warehousing or transport there is something here for you.


Business Process Improvement is crucial to deliver improved cycle times of processes, increase reliability and cost reduction (or increased productivity with the same resources). As with all commercially operated businesses, the aim is to grow the profit line and return the maximum amount of benefit back to the organisations investors. 

The "glossary" has been created to give an overview of various subjects that are deemed to be of interest.They are there to refer to at any time, just as a refresher!

The content of this website is subject to copyright however if you wish to use any material here just drop me a message via LinkedIn. 

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