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Change Management within a business is a process to move employees and organisations as a whole from its original state of operation to a new one. It is hoped that done well, a good “change management” process can improve your business from both an internal and external perspective making it more successful in today’s competitive business environment. Companies that embrace the change management ethos are ones that will not change just once but continue to do so on an ongoing basis as market conditions alter. Business competition is now global; you need to change in order to stay ahead.


Whilst the path to change management is one to embrace, it can often be seen as a “disruptor” within an organisation. When looking at employees, it is often the case that they are in their “comfort zone”, therefore when confronted with something that changes the current working environment, there can be a certain resistance. It is key that senior executives ensure that they build a program that will take into account employees feelings and ideas. If you can get the employees on board with your future “change  management” vision then you are a whole lot closer to your ultimate objective. When performing appraisals of staff performance and setting goals and objectives ensure that these aims are aligned with the changes you wish to make. This ensures that everyone is involved from a personal level.


Once you have decided that you want to go down the change management route it is essential that internal communications are at their very best. Often rumours spread like wild fire around an organisation. Some are untrue , but many hold an element of truth much of which can be mis-communicated and have a detrimental effect on morale and the performance of an organisation.

Organisational Changes

Remember to think out of the box. The way you did things in the past and the way you organised your staff may not be the same for the future. Think where you need to be and think what resources you will need to deploy in order to meet the end objective. You must also remember that there may be a relative amount of “fluidity” that will be required as change management may mean you have to deploy resources into different areas on a regular basis.

Business Changes

Ones of the objectives of change management are to ensure you keep control of your business and that you have a robust way of recording such changes and their effects. You may make mistakes, therefore it is key that the changes can be reversed or altered easily. If you have no record on what you did before then you could face problems. It is often the Operations Director or Quality Representative who would control this.

Plan, Plan and More Planning

Think about your change management plan carefully. Do not go forward in changing your organisation without having a forward thinking strategy. If you are unsure which way to turn then you may seek professional consultancy services. They can help put structure into the plans and future vision you hold. It is key to think dynamically and ensure that fellow senior executives and management have bought into the concepts that are about to be explored and executed. They can often hold the key to success.


Change management can be a concept that could change your business forever. If your management team and employees embrace the future vision, they can be great contributors to its success. It is key in today’s global business environment that businesses adapt and mould themselves to future commercial success.

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